What is Sous Vide Cooking and Why is Everyone Obsessed?

If you’re a foodie or a home cook, you may have heard of the sous vide cooking method. but recently gained a lot of attention and popularity among home cooks and professional chefs alike. So, what are sous vide cooking, and why is everyone obsessed with it?

What is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous vide is a French term that means “under vacuum.” Sous vide cooking is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and then immersed in a bath of water that is maintained at a particular temperature. The food is cooked at a low temperature for an extended period, allowing it to cook evenly and retain its moisture and flavor.

The idea behind sous vide cooking is that cooking food at a low temperature prevents overcooking and ensures that the food can cook evenly from edge to edge. The vacuum-sealed bag also helps to lock in moisture and flavor, resulting in a tender and juicy end product.

Why is Everyone Obsessed with Sous Vide Cooking?

There are several reasons why sous vide cooking has become so popular in recent years. 

The reason why sous vide cooking has become so popular is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can cook a wide variety of foods using the sous vide method, including meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and even desserts. The method is also ideal for meal prep, as you can cook large batches of food ahead of time and then store them in the refrigerator or freezer until you’re ready to eat.

Sous vide cooking has also become popular among home cooks because it’s relatively easy to do. Once you’ve sealed your food in a vacuum-sealed bag and set your water bath to the desired temperature, you can simply walk away and let the sous vide cooker do its job. There’s no need to worry about constantly checking the temperature or stirring the food, as you would with traditional cooking methods.

The uses and benefits of sous vide cookers:

  1. Precise Cooking: One of the significant advantages of sous vide cooking is its precision. The temperature can set within a tenth of a degree, ensuring that the cook is perfect. This precision is particularly useful for cooking delicate foods, such as fish or eggs, that require precise temperature control.
  2. Consistency: Another benefit of sous vide cookers is the consistency of the results. With traditional cooking methods, there can be variations in cooking time and temperature, resulting in inconsistent results. Sous vide cooking eliminates these variables, resulting in consistent and predictable outcomes every time.
  3. Retains Nutrients: Cooking food using sous vide cooker can help retain nutrients in the food, as it is not exposed to high temperatures that can destroy vitamins and minerals.
  4. Enhanced Flavors: Sous vide cooking can enhance the flavor of food, as the flavors and juices are locked in the vacuum-seal bag during cooking. This process can result in more intense and flavorful dishes.
  5. Saves Time: Sous vide cookers can also save time in the kitchen.  the food can cook in a sealed bag, there is no need to constantly monitor it, allowing the cook to focus on other tasks.
  6. Versatile: Sous vide cookers are also incredibly versatile. They can use to cook a wide range of foods, from steak and chicken to vegetables and eggs.

How to Sous Vide Cook

To start with sous vide cooking, you’ll need a few essential pieces of equipment. First, you’ll need sous vide cooker, which is a device that heats and circulates water in a water bath. You’ll also need a vacuum sealer and bags to seal your food.

Simply season your food, place it in a vacuum-sealed bag, and use a vacuum sealer to remove any air for sous vide cooking. Then, set your sous to vide cooker to the desired temperature and submerge the bag in the water bath. Let the food cook for the recommended time, and then remove it from the water bath and the bag.

Who Should Try Sous Vide Cooking?

Anyone who loves to cook and experiment with different cooking methods should give sous vide cooking a try. It’s a great way to elevate your cooking skills and produce restaurant-quality dishes at home. It’s also an excellent method for meal prepping, as it allows you to cook large batches of food in advance.

Where to Find Sous Vide Cookers

Sous vide cookers can find at most kitchenware stores or online retailers such as Amazon. Many brands and models provide various options, from inexpensive choices for home cooks to advanced ones for professional chefs.



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