What size air fryer for a family of 4

Do you want to know the best air fryer for a family of 4? Do you want to know what size an air fryer is for a family of 4? It isn’t easy to choose the best air fryer for a family of four., as there are many factors to consider. With this guide, you will discover everything that matters about “What size air fryer for a family of 4″.
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With the increasing demand for healthy meals, air fryers have become a great life saver as they save time and effort by making delicious food. But for a traditional family of 4 members, finding an air fryer that can cater to everyone’s needs can seem challenging! So, in this article, we’ll go over all you need to know about Air Fryers.

Explanation: What size air fryer for a family of 4?

We know that cooking is pretty much a science, and when it comes to feeding a family of four, there is always a ton of food that must be prepared. The finest air fryer for a family of four uses only one machine yet can feed four people, giving you plenty of space and delicious food.

You will want to consider your air fryer’s cooking capacity and extra features. The first consideration is cooking capacity. When it comes to a four-member family, a 4-quart or a 5-quart air fryer would be an ideal choice. A 5-quart model is preferable if you plan on doing more than deep frying in your air fryer; however, you can also use an oven-front model.

How Do You Pick the Best Air Fryer for a Family of 4?


Air fryers are a modern kitchen gadget that allows you to choose between two air fryers: oven-front and basket styles. Oven-Front Air Fryers are the most common design among air fryers. The oven-front air fryer is suitable for large families because it has a higher cooking capacity. Toasting and rotisserie functions are some of oven air fryers’ most commonly added features.

Cooking Capacity

The right serving size for your family is essential when choosing a wok set. If you want to cook for just two people, you’ll be OK with a 5-quart model which will give you enough food for one meal. If you’ve got four mouths to feed, the 5-quart model might not be big enough, and you’ll have to cook in batches.

High wattage air fryers

When selecting a new air fryer, power is one of the most significant factors. A high power rating requires less time to preheat and cooks faster than those with a lower wattage.

Temperature range of 400⁰F

If you’re searching for a new air fryer, look for one with a temperature range of 400⁰F. This is the temperature necessary to cook most foods when baking, grill, and sauteing. These units allow you to cook different foods that require high heat, like when baking, grilling, or roasting. They also allow you to modify the temperature to fit your meal.

Set Timer

A timer is a great way to make sure you don’t forget about your cooking while you’re away from home. When using an air fryer, you can have a set time when the food needs to be finished cooking and when your food needs to be taken out of the fryer for a particular serving size. This way, you will always know when the food is ready without overcooking it.


If you are looking for a fryer, you might consider buying a warranty. This ensures that you will get your money back if the appliance breaks and needs to be returned to the manufacturer so that a replacement can be shipped. The warranty will almost always be valid for at least one year, hopefully, more extended!

5 best Air Fryers For A Family Of 4 (2022)

GoWISE USA 5.8-Quart Air Fryer

The GoWISE USA 5.8-Quart Air Fryer is an excellent choice when you want a large capacity and an easy-to-use model that can handle different kinds of food very well. It comes with eight further cooking presets, making it very easy to cook a wide range of foods without worrying about adjusting the temperature. The package also comes with a cookbook with over 50 mouthwatering recipes that are perfect for any occasion.


Large capacity

PFOA pan

Eight cooking presets

High-temperature range


The handle is quite flimsy and easily damaged.

Ninja AF101 4-quart Air Fryer

The Ninja AF101 1500-watts Air Fryer will give you crispy and delicious snacks or favorite meals without using oils. The unit has a one-touch control panel with four programmable cooking presets for preheating, dehydrating, roasting, and air frying. In addition, this unit provides a wide temperature range of 105 to 400 degrees, allowing you to gently remove moisture from foods or cook crispy foods using convection heat.


Easy cleaning


crispy texture


Produces an odor

Philips 7-quart Air fryer

The Philips 7-Qt. Air Fryer is a high-performing device that comes with a decent price tag. With a capacity of 7 quarts, this unit can do just about anything you need. With its fat removal technology, you can get healthy foods with fewer calories and fewer grams of cholesterol. Apart from air frying, it can also be used for roasting, baking, grilling, dehydrating, toasting, and reheating.


Easy clean-Up

7 quarts capacity

1-year warranty

Non-stick coating.



Large dimensions

Ultrean 4.2-Quart Air Fryer

The 4.2-quart compact design of this air fryer is perfect for kitchens with limited counter space. It uses fan-assisted technology to provide perfectly crispy fries, crunch veggies, and juicy chicken without using oils. Also, individual settings make it easy to cook chicken breast thoroughly without overcooking it, while a non-stick inner cooking compartment makes sure food does not stick easily. The wide temperature control dial makes it easy to set a precise temperature while not occupying too much space on your countertop.


Budget-friendly price


Dishwasher safe

High-temperature range


Difficult to clean

ENKLOV 5.5QT Air Fryer

ENKLOV Air Fryer 5.5QT is one of the most energy-efficient air fryers on the market today. It uses 300-500 fewer watts than its competitors, making it an excellent choice for anyone that wants to switch off their oven and fry their food in something low on electricity. The high-quality stainless steel construction gives you the durability you need, along with a sleek design that looks great on your countertop. And not only will this appliance look good, but it works well too!


Energy efficient

300-500 fewer watts

High-quality stainless steel

BPA free


Little heat range

Final Words

If you’re looking for “What size air fryer for a family of 4,” you need to know what features and how big it needs to be. And, if you want some versatility, look for an air fryer with an array of cooking programs.

We recommend GoWISE USA 5.8-Quart as the best product for a tight budget. It features solid construction and is designed with great size, making it perfect for various treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Size Air Fryer Should I Get for a Family of 4?

If you’re seeking the best air fryer for a family of four, get one with at least a 6-quart capacity. Such models let you cook a large amount of food at once, saving you time. Check the wattage as well to confirm that it is powerful enough.

Can I cook two different dishes in an air fryer simultaneously? You can prepare two dishes at once. You will, however, require a basket with a barrier. The air will not be able to circulate effectively otherwise.


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